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January 07, 2019


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Shared this over at WRSA.

john jay


a very good group over at wrsa, very frisky bunch. thanks for the mention to them.

we have in my part of the country two kinds of doves, one slinky and lithe, very fast and agile, and the other more akin to a domestic pigeon.

in the old days, when doves made their livings in the stubble fields off of wheat unsuccessfully plucked by combines, the lithe sleek doves dominated. now that doves have moved in towns and live off of the bird feeders and other food cast on the ground, the fat slow doves have taken over, and greatly out number the old wild ones.

about the only good thing about the fat doves is that they are a cut above pigeons.

but, they illustrate the point.

john jay

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