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January 11, 2019


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john jay


i am deeply saddened to report that mrs. bezos has yet to reply to my heart-felt missive.


i guess that it was just not meant to be. i am destined to live out my life in squalor and misery, and not in unimaginable comfort and security. you know, with the rest of you schlubs, and not with the swells. a few beers at kelley's every now and again will have to serve as the high points in the rest of my miserable life.

oh, poor pitiable me!!!!


john jay


I'm rooting for you, John. I'd put in a good word of reference for if required.

Whitehall, NY

john jay


sad to say, things continue much the same as before.

on the lighter side, my soldering skills are getting better.

but, the chances of becoming married to a billionaire remain slim. laughing.


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