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November 13, 2018


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Mark Matis

Do you REALLY think that Ms. Snipes is the brains behind this fraud, corruption, and treason?

I claim that instead she is merely the equivalent of Ra'chel in the Crayon Martin case, A sheboon face for public viewing. If you remember, dear ol' Ra'chel claimed to be Crayon's squeeze who was on the phone with him as Evil George stalked and attacked him. She even wrote an account of their conversation and what she heard. Sobs all around for her lover's life cut short. Until she was on the witless stand and the Defense gave her a copy of her statement and axed her to read it to da jury. At which point Ra'chel say she cain't. Defense axe why, and she say she don't read cursive. Quelle surprise!

Ms. Snipes is the same as Ra'chel. A corrupt liar, of course, but nowhere near smart enough to plan and execute this on her own. Instead, look at who lives in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Many who have relocated there from the Big Craphole. And who have brought their honor and candor along with them.

Paul Albers

Years have gone by, alas too many, but suffice it to say while everything changes absolutely nothing does. As I watch our country being stolen I worked with a contract company for a large oil company in Saudi Arabia but in Houston not in Kingdom. One of the gentleman assigned to the project was an ex cop from Broward County.
He had "ratted" on some of his fellow officers and he fled the country in fear of his life. I never thought much of his situation...but I do now.

john jay

first, a response to paul:

surprise, surprise, surprise!!! no, not much changes. broward has always been dirty, and always will be.


nope, i don't think old debra is the "brains" of the whole deal, i suspect it is people who have "hired" her to take the heat. (to be the sacrificial anode, if it ever comes to that.) they will, of course, operate through the democratic central committee for the county, and they in turn will be controlled by moneyed interests.

i also suspect she is much like a certain congress-woman from California, who is not as dumb as she looks and acts. she is merely as dumb as she needs to be to get by.

btw, a new post on this very topic.


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