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November 15, 2018


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Mark Matis

I would only note that the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill are cut from the same mold. As in Flake, for example.

Paul Albers

When I first saw your lead in my immediate thought was Diogenes would run out of oil.
Butcha beat me to it.
I have wondered how the voters found all these CROOKS. The voters themselves must be of the same ilk. Other than "When in the course of..." the only option would be to make it less attractive and have a watchdog keeping them honest. But then who watches the watchdog?

Mark Matis

The voters, Paul Albers, vote for who they are ALLOWED to vote for. And the Democrats and the Rove Republicans by and large get to make those choices. The other half of the problem is the hives. Hive dwellers in the West live there because they want the government to take care of their every need and their every desire. In other words, they are Communists. And the elected officials represent them quite capably.

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