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September 26, 2018


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Paul Albers

Another post hitting the nail on the head. McConnell and Grassley could not be that stupid. Even a promise of a vote Friday drips with "Iffies."
Man up. No matter what happens America will never be the same again.


Everything you said is painfully true. We don't really have an "opposition" party any more in anything but name.

In reality we only have a Uniparty, aka "The Beast With Two Heads." Both heads are hungry, and the only thing of interest to them is keeping their heads in the trough that the taxpayers keep filled with goodies for them.


John, good to see you're back.
All this latest circus has accomplished so far is to boil up my blood more so than normal. A pox on both their houses.


i am, generally speaking, no fan of lindsay graham but, he went after the dems w a vengeance, and called them out as the cynical bastards the are. maybe there is a bit of hope for the repubs. well see.

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