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September 18, 2018


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Glad to see a new post from you, John Jay. It's been a while!

As to this bit of skuldugggery- the charges are all phony, of course, but the Dems are hoping to turn a sure confirmation into a rout.

Kavanaugh's in a tough spot just because he can't come off like a bully, as you pointed out; it shouldn't be a problem except for the fact that the entire lying media, with the possible exception of Fox, will be spinning, twisting, and outright lying about this non-event in the hope that people will think, "with all this smoke there must be a fire."

The Dems are getting more unhinged by the day, because Trump is beating them like a dead donkey and the midterms are their last gasp. The Deep State is actually being uncovered, and soon there will be noplace to hide!

What a time to be alive, watching this slow-motion trainwreck as the Dems send themselves into perdition!

Paul Albers

Sooo glad to see you posting again. The time is right and the time is necessary. Our President sure has set a fire under these no good politicians and others who would destroy this nation.
The time is nigh that all good men come to the aid of this country. We will not start the storm that is on the horizon...but we will finish it.

john jay




john jay


agreed, and i join your hope that the dems serve time in perdition.

victor david hanson has written a very nice essay on the descent of the democratic party into lunacy, which the repubs in congress should read. (they do read, but, not much .... the breadth of their ignorance on many things outside of electioneering is breath taking.)

thanks for the read, and thanks for the comment.

john jay

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