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December 19, 2017


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Paul Albers

As with many shootings/killings we will never know.


we should know a little more about this, a football field of evidence, .... , not a dammed thing of any significance recovered. how many empty shell casings recovered. Jeepers that,s just kindergarten levels stuff. Not a rammed word. for instance, do the case head stamps on the empty cases match any loaded ammo recovered. do the types of cases recovered match any of the bullets found in the dead and wounded.
for instance, some kinds of bullets are only loaded by certain manufacturers: SOME BULLETS are ubiquitous, while others are not widely used. this is just elementary. and, some kinds of cases, lake city, for Instance, tend to use certain kinds of bullets. if bullets and cases recovered don,t readily match, something should be considered amiss, until reconciled.
p.s. thanks for the read, and the visit, and the comments.

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We'll likely never have the truth, that would be rather inconvienent, as you mentioned.

Merry Christmas, John.

Paul Albers

It is obvious the powers that be do not want we minions to know the truth. John, you make a strong case for additional shooter/ shooters. Not being honest with us is in step with the cop outs constantly being used to protect those who want us dead.

Steve Cournoyer

no chanced of getting the truth....

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