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October 05, 2017


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Friend Fuchs

It doesn't make sense the top half of his head appears to be intact. There should be a carpet of empty brass laying on the floor.
In my own militarily inexperienced ears I swear I hear a machine gun cranking out far in excess of 30 rounds, 100 rounds seem more likely and so smooth of a rate too! Methinks a belt fed was involved.


There's a .38 spl S&W J frame snubby near the body. It appears he put the gun in his mouth and fired. I watched the video of the live TV suicide of PA politician Budd Dwyer who used a .357 magnum the same way. The effect was exactly the same. Blood just bubbled out of the mouth and nose. No spectacular explosion of brain tissue from the top or back of the head. Pistol bullets don't have the same explosive effect as a rifle, they just punch holes.

john jay

friend fuchs:

the only picture i have seen thus far is basically of the deceased from the waist down.

i have not seen his head.

i agree on the sounds of the weapons being used. from the cabbie film, it sounds to me like 2 for sure, maybe 3 guns firing.

plus google:

i totally did not see the s & w pistol. i will look at the photo i have available. friend fuchs must have seen a full view of the corpse, which i haven't seen. i would agree about a .38 special not causing spectacular damage, but, would respectfully disagree with the effect of a .357 (w/ .357 ammo) on the old pumpkin.

i'll see if i can come up with an image of the s&w. game changer.

thank you both, very much, for the posts. and, the read.

john jay

john jay

plus google:

i can find no images of the shooter's head, nor any image of the s&w pistol that you mention.

could you please tell me where these might be found.

john jay

john jay

plus google:


i have found a photo of the deceased's head, but, most of it is obscured by editing.

it shows blow, some clearly dried from exposure to the air, some pooled and coagulated.

the photo did not show the pistol. and, there is clearly extensive damage to the head & face above the cheeks and in the area of both eyes.

the shot (or shots) that killed him clearly did him no good, but, they do not appear consistent with taking a high powered rifle slug under the chin or in the mouth.

so much for my theory on blood spatters being all over, though some should be evident.

but, i am extremely doubtful that he killed himself/was killed with the police standing at the door.

i still think multiple shooters were involved, because of the sound recordings indicating shots being fired from multiple locations.

and, the dried blood on the floor certain does not exclude or eliminate the possibility that he was killed by a confederate, and his body left behind. in short, he served his purpose as a dupe.

his room is described in some sources as a "suite." if so, shots may have been fired from the other window that was broken, as well.

the police certainly left enough time for a confederate to have killed him, and to have made his escape.

i hope the police study the security cameras closely, for evidence of anyone leaving the rooms, and going out the lobby.

but, i would agree, it does not appear that he was killed by a bullet from a high powered rifle.

in the picture i have, i do not see a pistol near the body. i would still like to see that image.


john jay

plus google:

i found a picture showing the face & head without any obscuring. yep, he was dead.

and, apparently of a gunshot wound inflicted by a small revolver, lying on the carpet somewhat above his head.

https://www.1src.com/video/t_EOt-J3e6l5Q .

it appears that you are absolutely correct about his having died of a shot from a small revolver. certainly, his wound is not consistent with a shot from a high powered rifle.

this obviously does not eliminate the possibility that he was shot by a confederate.

john jay

john jay


now, if only typepad will publish this. who knows?

john jay

john jay

friend fuchs:

on the use of a belt fed weapon.--

time will tell, and mostly from the forensic reports generated by autopsy. (if this sort of thing is ever revealed to us. it took months for the state of oregon to cough up the results of lavoy finicum's autopsy, which the state obviously did not want the public to know. such is the nature of a cover up -- it is not that it is hidden forever, it is that it is hidden until people forget.)

we'll see. if we live long enough.



100% BS regarding ALL head wounds
Depending on the range, caliber and loading of the projectile.
I had the unfortunate instance to find a friend who committed suicide with a Tech 9.
The barrel was under the chin with a clean hole in the back of his head and minimal blood.
From 10 feet away would have been different
Assumption is the mother of all F**K ups

john jay

desert trek:

the entire context of the post was w/ regard to a self administered gunshot wound to the head at close range w/ pistol or rifle.

for the benefit of readers, the tech-9 is a 9mm sub gun.

i'll stand by my remarks with regard to the high-powered rifle.

and, if you read the post w/ any care, i noted that the absence of blood spatter might also have been the administration of a shot to the head by a pistol.

as you note, "assumption is the mother of all fuck ups." a close second would be casual reading.

john jay

p.s. catchy nick name. at this blog, i use my real name. most of my readers do as well. it is the sign of an adult.

sorry about your friend.

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