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July 07, 2017


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Rollie Taylor

Much the same as Adolf Hitler. Before WWII The Soviet Union was an isolated political experiment based on flawed theory, doomed to failure. After the war it dominated most of the eastern Europe and the majority of the Asian land mass with China and Indo-china to follow.
He hated the Jews and was the main reason Israel was created thus leaving the middle east in more of a flux than it was before, if that was possible.
I have always felt the Neo- Nazis are the ultimate fools for thinking Hitler was a "great" man. He, Mao, Stalin and all of the others that followed were evil ego-maniacs that fouled everything they touched. I fear Obama has more in common with these monsters than we may wish to admit. It is certain many of his followers are cut from the same cloth as the SS and commissars.

Paul Albers

He is a dangerous man and he should not be taken lightly. He still has many supporters that must be accounted for.

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