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July 14, 2017


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Rollie Taylor

Maybe that's why the frogs sold the Israelis Mirages later. Didn't they put different engines in them and make them better?

Paul Albers

A very interesting read. As a lover of the M-1 I need to do some more research.


The frogs sold the Israelis Mirages, then after payment was made reneged on their end of the deal.
That's when Israel decided to pull a heist, stealing all the documents and drawings needed to build them from Switzerland where industry was gearing up to build them under license.

Israel later redesigned them to use American engines and electronics, and renamed it Kfir.

They used coastal patrol boats, also bought in France and refused delivery after they were already built and paid for, to transport the paperwork to Israel, stealing the boats from the French ports they were anchored in awaiting a decision by the French government on what to do with them.

john jay


you should go to the blog post and read the update on the johnson light machine gun.

it was pretty slick. liked by the soldiers that carried and fought with it, ... , not so much by the bureaucracy that chose the weapons.

in like manner the lewis gun, british made, was adopted by many many many countries. not by the u.s. go figure.


john jay


i like the israeli's. they are very scrappy, in their own little way.

the u.s. navy can go almost any place in the world that it wants to. no nation in the world could stop the u.s. navy from sailing right up to the doorsteps.

except.-- it is my belief that israel could deny the u.s. navy "sailing privileges" in the med, if it so desired. no other country in the world could.

that is how formidable israel can be, in my estimation. others may not agree. they are simply wrong.

john jay

john jay


you and jtw should discuss this.

a good read on these matters, "every spy a prince," by dan raviv and yossi melman discusses the history of israeli intel, and the specific matters that you and jtw have raised.

for what it is worth, i recommend it.


john jay


it's not smart to mess w/ mother nature, and it is not smart to mess w/ the israeli's.

their only weakness is that sometimes they outsmart themselves. that is everybody's flaw, i am thinking.

john jay

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