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June 16, 2017


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Mark Matis

I realize you don't think much of my comment, but you might want to understand what is really going on:

Microsoft, Apple, Goole, Facebook, and the rest have already given the FedPigs back doors into their software. Unfortunately, Microsoft got exposed in the recent malware attack:
so Billy has to provide a new version for them.

Why do YOU think that the DoJ rolled over on the Microsoft antitrust trial a few years ago, when the judge had declared Microsoft guilty and had proposed the same "sentence" for Microsoft as what the DoJ antitrust division still celebrates as their greatest achievement - the breakup of Ma Bell???

john jay


i don't doubt that the gubment has access to my computers, any time they want it.

ask hillary.

and, yes, bill gates is not my favorite person.

if the gubment has gates by the short hairs, why would they give him a favorable disposition in an anti-trust case?

your positions are contrary. first they got him, then they don't got him. so to speak.

sounds like microsoft has the doj, to me, from what you are saying.

and, if there is indeed something nefarious going on here, and i don't discount that at all, (and i am simply without the resource to say that it is so), it strikes me that it is more "deep state" than the present regime.

i don't trust the government as legally constituted. not very damned much.

i don't trust "deep state" one damned bit, thinking obama and soros the spiritual brother of putin and the rest of the 60's commies and socialists and fellow travelers.

if anything sinister is going on, i think it more likely that gates/microsoft/windows play with them.

that's all i am saying.

and, oh yeah, i don't trust your motives very much when you try to steer my focus away from the "deep state" theory.

agent provocateur, and all that, you know what i am saying?

john jay


Sounds more like there's a failing update and the computer is trying to download it over and over again.

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