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June 29, 2017


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I think you will find this serious piece of forensic research into LeVoy's execution stunning.
Its a 7 part series. Riveting. If I was on a jury, I doubt I would have a reasonable doubt issue.


The video examination of the physical placement and timeline of the road block a total setup to entrap LeVoy and his passengers and kill them under the fig leaf they where a lethal danger to "law enforcement" officers, alone leaves no doubt as to the premeditated murder of LeVoy Finnicum.
This was a hit, plain and simple.
I've watched it a number of times, its a chilling account of how evil and out of control this government is.
I think the Clintons put a contract out on the Burns protesters to stop them before they spilled the beans on the utter corruption within and without government.
Deep State?
Yeah, deep state organized crime syndicate.


You also might appreciate Gary Hunt's ordeal with the tyranny of the federal kangaroo court established for the purpose of putting the Burns and other Ranchers in a federal gulag system where they never get out regardless of jury nullification and the blatant criminality of the court system.
Take your breath away. I doubt the old soviets could have done better.

Mr. Hunt is a salty old pro at defiance and disobedience. Start here, it matters not where, because everything Gary posted is the journalism we desperately need if we are to become again a nation based on rule of law instead of rule of men.
Gary Hunt has been on both the Bundy & Burns events from the get go. Oustanding determination and indomitable spirit. A true American in every sense.



When the Malhuer event began I contacted the Sheriff of Burns County.
I asked him why as a Constitutional Officer of The Law, he was allowing the feds to run unimpeded, why the family of Ranchers where allowed to be tried in double jeopardy, and why he was not defending the constitutional rights of the protesters.
After receiving really lame and cheesy excuses and lies I started looking into this guys history.
Come to find out, this Sheriff was a member of the original grand jury that originally indicted the ranchers the protest was about, he was a federal employee, and he was physically involved in the illegal ground actions of the BLM when they cut off the cattle access illegally, along with starting illegal "burns" that where then blamed on ranchers in court.
He used his first 2 initials in his name to disguise his prior activities in the conspiracy to bankrupt and persecute other ranchers to get them off their ranch lands.
Also, almost the entire population of the town of Burns was federal employee's. They and he worked in premeditated concert concocting a variety of false claims and stories about the protestors and in concert with the fake media created an entire fake narrative to paint the protesters as criminals and make them into violent armed revolutionaries who threatened everyone in town.
Also many of the "town folk" who went to "help" the protestors, acted as plants to feed the feds inside info of goings on and who each protestor was. \It was the vital intelligence the FIB execution squad was gathering so they could set up LeVoy and his compatriots.
This is foul stuff. Heinous wonton acts of treason and premeditated murder that hundreds of federal actors took part in.
On our tax dime no less.

Its fucking disgusting. There aren't suitable expletives that define how hateful and criminal these people are. These people call themselves American's.

john jay


in between loads of laundry, a quick once over on the link you sent me.

i will read it in more detail a bit later this afternoon.

i believe the "killing shot" on fincum was taken as he lay on the ground, put there by the first two shots. the 3rd shot was taken to "make sure."


p.s. i doubt nothing will change my opinion on this. we'll see.

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