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June 24, 2017


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Paul Clayton

Sadly, there are sociopaths wearing law-enforcement uniforms. No, not all of them, but too many. There seems to be a breed of law enforcement officer who is awfully quick to pull the trigger. I'm reminded of the woman killed in a hail of bullets in DC by Capital police while her baby daughter lay in the back seat.


I do not know who you are, but if you are REALLY< Really interested in this man's murder, see if you can get a copy of the ORIGINAL autopsy report from the coroner's office that actually did the autopsy. Might find it interesting.

john jay


i do not know that i have read an original of the autopsy, or indeed, if there are several pathologists reports floating around.

i hadn't heard anything to that effect. in oregon, in small counties, the coroner will be in attendance while a pathologist performs the examination. i suppose the coroner may contribute something every now and again in writing, but not that i've ever seen.

the county in which finicum was killed probably doesn't have a pathologist in residence, so i am supposing that the medical examiner's office for the state of oregon supplies one, or the county may contract with a doctor in a nearby larger county, probably multnomah.

in any event the autopsy report i saw/read/examined was damning enough, with regard to the manner in which finicum was killed. reading the trajectory of the wound paths through his body, and watching the film of his killing, it is readily apparent that the "most fatal shot," (as if the first shots weren't lethal enough), was most likely inflicted as he lay face down on the ground, uphill from the officer who shot him from behind, e.g., the shot entered his right lower body and exited his left upper body, in the area of his left pectoral region. not too far from the nipple, if i recall, ... , it has been some time.

he received his first shots from point blank range, both hands visible. he never displayed a weapon, let alone aimed one at any one.

yes, i think he was murdered, with the connivance of the governor of oregon, kate brown, and encouraged by on the scene f.i.b. officers, who fired at least 3 shots at the automobile finicum was driving: the f.i.b. officers lied about shooting, claiming they hadn't, and then picked up their spent brass before the scene was secured and search, and lied about that.

btw, the road block is what is called a "dead man's" road block, and is not authorized under the law unless law officers and public are in such danger of harm that the block is authorized.

bundy and others were acquitted of any wrong doing associated with finicum. to the best of my recollection, no warrant was outstanding for finicum's arrest, and if there were, for nothing that would have excused the use of the dead man's block.

btw, and this is a point not often emphasized, has anyone given any thought (or expressed it) as to why aerial surveillance and the (very trigger happy lying bastards of the f.i.b.) were involved in the apprehension of criminal suspects suspected of criminal misdemeanor trespass?

john jay

p.s. ed, you can google other posts on this subject, if you would like. there are more than a few.

btw, i keep track of this every now and again, and a couple f.i.b.b.e.r.'s are under indictment for lying about making the crime scene "tidy," but i have heard nothing else. i assume that it has all been swept under the rug and "forgotten."

anyone interested in president trump's pardon of the hammonds, or hillary's involvement in the sale of uranium reserve located around the malhuer reserves to the russians?

john jay

p.s. ed's letter interested me, so i went back and re-read my post.

i made a fair fundamental mistake.

i said finicum was shot in the back while lying on his back. this is wrong.

he was clearly lying face down when fatally shot.

my apologies.

john jay

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