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June 18, 2017


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Mark Matis

The FedPigs work for the Deep State as well. You don't understand who they are? Here's a partial list:

The FedPigs murder an unarmed woman holding a baby in her arms and do not get touched.

The FedPigs fire through a closed door into a room where they know unarmed women and children are located and do not get touched. The FedPigs "lose" that door somehow, so it can't be used as evidence.

The FedPigs run guns to the Mexican drug cartels. Other FedPigs corrupt the NICS database to show convicted felons are able to buy guns even though they would be banned from doing so.

The FedPigs look the other way as Whitey Bulger murders 19 people because after all, he was HELPING them in other ways.

The FedPigs ignore the 4th Amendment to spy on Americans, to the extent that even the secret FISA court calls them out.

The FedPigs declare that Hillary Clinton broke no laws with her private server holding classified e-mails, and with Huma's maid printing out those e-mails.

That is only a partial list. I'll be glad to provide more detail if you wish, but I suspect you have no interest in that. At any rate, I thank God every time he sends another FedPig to burn in hell where they belong.

john jay

mark matis:

sir, i tire of you. you've had your say, now put a sock in it. or, go to typepad or some other blog service, and pay for your own platform.

i get your points.

i will say only this in further reply.--
1.)the bogeymen are always under the bed, and under every rock. understood and accepted.
2.)abuse of power and abusers of power have always been with us, as well as faction and usurpers. read your bible. and, read your federalist papers, by jay, hamilton and madison.
3.)the structure of american democracy is built to deal w/ all of this, and that is the way it was designed. again, have recourse to jay, hamilton and madison.
4.)and, finally, stop being so fucking patronizing. you are not the first one to recognize this, you are not the first to give voice to such observations, and you will not be the last.

finally, you are done here, and your use of my blog as your bully pulpit is done with.


go buy a soap box. you grow tiresome.

john jay

Mark Matis

I bid you good day.

john jay

as i do you.

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