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March 06, 2017


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Paul Albers

Chilling. I had long thought there was more to the Phoenix meeting. The wire tap revelation explains it.
Lynch just set the parameters. She called for blood in the streets. So be it.


This observer from far way is a Trump supporter, and is horrified by these allegations - but equally horrified by your blood lust.
Please, use the weapons of words, history and truth will win out...eventually...without the use of your alternative arsenal.



did you hear of loretta lynch calling for blood in the streets in just the last few days.    she didnt predict it, she called for it.    were i you, i would be considering very closely whether or not recourse to alternative arsenals will be needed to protect ones body and soul, and ones rights and privileges.    do not forget, this country was founded and the liberties and rights we observe were won by alternative arsenals.

and, they can be lost, just so.   democracy is not for the squeamish, and will not be retained by the squeamish.

john jay

john jay


this gets more interesting day by day. odd, not much coverage of it in the mainstream media, ... , for some reason.

the dems and their propaganda arm haven't figured out a "spin" for this, or a way to accuse trump of the same activity, ... , so they have decided on the "rope-a-dope" defense, and to just absorb the body blows without saying anything in reply.

so, just keep hitting the bastards. it will show up in a bit, when the legs go out from underneath them. first thing to go, when the will breaks, is the legs.

john jay

Friend Fuchs

As someone else noted Lynch played the race card and will have to fall on her own sword.

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