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March 14, 2017


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For whatever reason you posted this information, thank you. I was deeply moved by the story of Loyce Deen, his sacrifice for his country and for the remembrance of such a brave young man. It is a story I will not forget.

Paul Clayton

Wow! I'm an old fart and I like naked ladies too. What a coincidence. I like your mindset. Although my parents had a couple of dogs when I was a kid, I was never a dog man, having been a bachelor and having to work. Cats were doable; dogs not. Then my son and I got a dog around the same time we moved into a house with a dog door on the garage and a dog run in back. Ziggy, the dog, not my son, has become a sometimes ornery, but loving pal. Anyway, I'm a novelist and I would love to send you a copy of my latest book, no strings. Van Ripplewink: You Can't Go Home again would appeal to a curmudgeonly guy you you. Want a copy? Best!

Paul Albers

So well written gleaning all the info from the video as you could. As I have said before, you have a knack.For some reason the story and video really hit home. Capped off by The Missing Man formation.
Requiestcat en Pace.

john jay

paul clayton:
thank you for the read and comment. but, i'll take a pass on the novel. i am not as energetic as i used to be, and the days seem to whirl by without a whole lot of extra time in them.
john jay

john jay

paul albers:

it is a very touching video. i can only wish the seaman deen's death was quick, and his suffering not prolonged.

it must have been horrible for his pilot to fly back to the carrier with the remains of his friend sitting in the seat behind him. their bond, sharing combat in such proximity, must have been a tight one, and to see the death of his friend must have been brutal.

thank you, paul, for the film.



There's a website in memorial to Deen, well worth the look:


john jay


an informative and touching portrait of loyce deen and his comrades and shipmates.

their air group and ship certainly had their share of combat.

what can a person say? they were young, they were stalwart, and very brave. whatever your view of the matter, we owe almost all that we are to these young men, and to their sacrifice.

thank you for the link.

john jay

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