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December 27, 2016


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Paul Albers

A litany of crimes this love child has perpetrated on this great nation and its people.
Can we just once pick up an air brush and as the Soviets did to theirs wipe him out of History. Past, present and actions to come?
No. The media will keep reminding us what a great President he was. Yeah. Right.

john jay


agreed. absolutely. the american military will be 20 years dealing with his mischief, especially the promotion of "fellow travelers" politically.

there are gonna be a whole mess of officers weeded out of the officer corps in the coming years.

and, muslims and muslim simps out of the state department.

a horrible mess.

john jay

Mark Matis

That would simply not be the chimp way. And after all, a man surely must stay in touch with his "culture"...

Steve Cournoyer

He made Jimmy Carter look good...

Mark Matis

And he made Richard Nixon look honest.

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