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December 01, 2016


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Paul Albers

God I hope you are right. I fear with all of Soros' money and the evil of her democrat friends she will find a way, like the Zombie she is, to return from the dead.

john jay


she is dead and rotting. she is now officially a corrupt "loser," which is way different from a corrupt "winner."

she has a "taint" she cannot shake. the queen is dead, long to stay dead.


john jay


it is 12.23.2016, and the election results are confirmed, vote totals are certified by the states, and the electoral college has sealed the deal.

and, hillary still smells like a week old dead cod fish. dead as hell.

i am not gonna miss that old pompous wind bag in the slightest. and evil woman.

good riddance.

john jay

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