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December 20, 2016


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Paul Albers

Some thoughts on your post:
The powers that be and their minions try absolutely to deny these people that they have let in to the country are terrorists.Why? Because then they could be blamed for bringing them in country.
Need to declare Islam as a Cult. Deport the Imam's and raze their places of worship.
As far as talent to drive a truck, how true and a great observation. Hell, most American's can't even drive a stick shift car.

john jay


stephen urkel, "did i do that?" usually in amazement. angela merkel, "did i do that?" in absolute ignorant denial.

birds of a feather.

i can steer a slush box, no matter the size. making a 13 or 15 speed road ranger behave, or even getting from one gear range to another in a 5 & 4 is quite another matter. while attending to the other little chores that must be attended to.

you don't drive one of the big rigs the first time you jump in the cab. you have to be trained. end of discussion.

it, therefore, follows ... .


p.s. so, yes, agreed on all fronts.

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