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November 20, 2016


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Uncle Kenny

Gout attacks are ugly business. I used to get 2 or 3 a year. Then I started to drink coffee regularly and haven't had but one tiny little attack since. Of course, I have atypical gout, the kind where my normal uric acid levels are not elevated. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.
Keep a stash of colchicine to stop an attack right now. With that drug, you trade gout for the hershey squirts, but it's well worth it. Everywhere else in the world, colchicine is OTC. Here it's back under patent and godawful expensive. Still, it's the only thing that really works to stop an attack. NSAIDS are bad for you and, for god's sake, never let them shoot cortisone in there with a needle.

Paul Albers

Looks so familiar. Acetaminophen (sp?) helps.
Change in weather usually sets mine off. The pain is so intense one cannot even place a sheet over the affected area. Colchicine works but it takes time. I really feel for you.


copious amounts and I mean large quantities of tart cherry juice and pineapple help keep mine in check, I feel your pain

john jay


many thanks for not being inundated by letters explaining the difference between "goat" and "gout," and so on and so forth.


uncle kenny:

in my neck of the woods, 60 tablets of colchicine costs $300, whereas in the old days the rate was about the same as sin sin tablets. and, "hershey squirts" is a pretty apt description. and, in my recent experience, nsaids don't "help" very much at all.


a little later i'll update the post, with another couple photo's. right now, gonna go elevate the foot, and the goats will stop bothering me. laughing.


john jay

uncle kenny, paul: thank you for your comments. they are spot on and most helpful.

and, what uncle kenny said about cortisone shots .... well, the only way i would agree to it, would be if the doc would agree to let me drill holes directly into the nerves of his two buck teeth afterward. like in "marathon man." and, then, saw off his right leg w/ a dull hacksaw.

that would be pretty reasonable, i am thinking.

john jay


Gout attacks are really painful and it should be treated immediately so as not to make the condition worse. Muscles, joints and soft tissues should be taken care properly and that’s what a podiatrist from http://fromthefeetup.com.au/podiatry.html has as its expertise.

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