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November 30, 2016


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Paul Albers

Nothing has changed. They got away with it as far back as Ruby Ridge and Waco.


Mr Finicum was an armed felon who had just run from police at a roadblock. He refused to obey the police and was making erratic movements with his arms. Stupid!!

The building was not abandoned.


GoneWithTheWind- that sure is good kool-aid, isn't it. Do you like the way Chris Mathews makes it, or do you like Rachel Maddow's better?

It must be nice to believe that the NYT always tells the truth- and "all the news that's fit to print." Well, all the news that fits the narrative, anyway!

john jay


the building was empty, not in use for years ... abandoned.

finicum was not "an armed felon." nor, was he being sought under a felony warrant.

he was armed. as was his right, assuming a proper carry permit. at worst, he was a misdemeanant who was an irritant to the officials who were involved in a land grab from the hammonds, to get uranium deposits.

the road block, under the circumstances, was grossly illegal. they do not call it a "dead man's" road block for nothing.

there was nothing about finicum's conduct prior to the stop that warranted the use of deadly force to apprehend him. i have watched the film many time of his death, and i don't think there was ever anything in the situation that justified the use of deadly force.

did he behave wisely? nope. would i have done it differently had i been in his place? yep.

did he deserve to be gunned down? i don't think so.

i worked as a prosecutor doing, among many other things, defense of deadly force accusations brought against the county's sheriff's department.

this was not a good stop, nor a good shooting.

and, for the last time, finicum was not an armed felon, and this was not a fleeing felon case. not in the old days. not now.

john jay

john jay


you from burns, oregon by any chance? a civilian employee of the blm or national refuge service?

you at the banquet where the karges's spoke, and someone paraded a cattle crossing sign in triumph, another rancher "down."

just asking.

john jay

john jay


i wonder how "gone with the wind" would have reacted if some portland, oregon cop had shot one of the anti-trump demonstrators in portland for committing misdemeanor offenses, e.g., breaking small windows? (actually, a big plate glass window would be a "comfortable" felony. breaking one of those and running, hey, a "fleeing felon." blast his ass. laughing.)

think he would have his shorts in a knot over that?


p.s. as friend rickey c. kimbrough used to say, "it all depends on whose ox is being gored."

Mark Matis

"gone with the wind" is why I thank God every time he sends another pig to burn in hell where they belong. Mr. Finicum and the rest of the people in that vehicle were on the way to a meeting with Law Enforcement officers. The filthy pigs who murdered them knew that.

Happiness is dead pigs.

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