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November 03, 2016


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Fully sourced executive summary of pizzagate


Friend Fuchs

This might explain the current hysteria in Washington, everyone is guilty and they need a distraction such as war.

Sorry I haven't been around. It's my turn to suffer poor health, on the mend though.

john jay

friend fuchs:

you've been missed.

i hope that you are doing well on the mend, and that your adventures w/ mortality have been postponed for a good long while.

not much fun, being on the fritz, that is for damned sure.

so, gesundheit, and pronto.

as for the hysteria in washington and in the media .... they do have a penchant for their little hissies, don't they?

apparently colbert had a picture of flynn's head on a pike on the tellie. the son of a bitch shouldn't get too giddy over a little leftie "victory," though, and he should be mindful that his head will "fit" on the end of a pike as well as any persons. and, that there are several people quite willing to place it there, should he prove incapable of doing so.

please, treat yourself well, don't overdo, and please get well soon. we may need you on the barricades.


john jay


i have read most of the link, including the main text, and getting well into the comments section, before the full extent of the links simply overwhelmed me for tonight.

friend fuchs suggested that perhaps the hysteria among liberals is to divert attention from this subject/topic/story. he may not be too far off the mark on that, i would say.

i will get back to the comments, and start tracking back on the links.

an impressive piece of work.

these people are dirty. i have also done some reading on lady gaga, and madonna and other "illuminati" to this stuff, and have compiled a draft document here which serves as a kind of research doc.

this will be added to it.

and, after i read the comments, i think i am just gonna publish the link and the post here.

john jay


Quite interesting.

john jay


yes, quite.

john jay


John, I hope you are all right- it's been far too long since I've seen any word from you, and since I've already lost so very many friends I fear the worst.

Please post something, even if it's only to say that you've gotten tired of writing! I sure miss your thoughts, and hope you'll resume your posts, which I enjoyed very much!

Fight for Freedom

Ditto what Eskyman said—-3 months is a long time! Let us loyal readers know you are still alive and kicking. Fight for Freedom

Paul Albers

Your latest post is quite
well researched.I would like
to point out that Hillary will never go to prison. I recall the FBI files showing up on a deck in the White House. Suffice it to say that these files were mostly all inclusive and damning.
Then there was Randy Weaver,Waco ,the intentional murder of, his name escapes me, the rancher trying to protect his property, Sandy Burger...Elian Gonzales.

Paul Albers

Would it not be ironic if Elian was one of the latest "refugee" in the batch of Cubans scattered among the latest bunch of invaders.
I just noticed I had a typo in the email that the above is linked to I will sort it out.


Is it time to "unsticky" this post yet? Not complaining, but having such an old post on top makes the casual reader assume this blog has been fallow for years.

Weiner has been tried, convicted, sent to jail and is already released. Nothing happened to Clinton, as everyone knew would happen. Years later, Slick Willy's time on pedo-island is once again sneaking into the news, and once again is being ignored.

Yeah, it's time. It's a great post, one of your best and biggest. Let it live in glory in your archives.

john jay

agreed. john

john jay


written 08.09.2020

it has been an interesting year or so, during which i have not written much.

05.24.2019 i had a heart attack (another one) and into the horse spittle for a stent. well i had an allergic reaction to the benzodiazepine they used, and when that was going on a small stroke, tmi, which left me pretty much disabled on the left side. by the time i became aware f things, two or three days later, i had no memory of anything.

blanked out. well, just abut then a bleeding ulcer let loose in my stomach, three staples and a surgery later, i am on a water/water diet until i stopped pooping cold mix asphalt .... digestive juices really do a job on your own blood, it seems.

after 7 r 8 days of this, i came home. pretty whomped out. all of a sudden, writing was not so important, and i hadn't done very much since trump was elected, because i was pretty satisfied with things.

about a month ago it commenced to get hot around here, so i started a move to the basement. about that time i got hit with gout in both ankles, making the trip down the basement stairs a bit problematic.

more or less cured up, got the computer retrieved just this afternoon, and read your missives.

very glad to hear from you.


p.s. i have a project in mind. it actually makes relatively good sense. i'll post on it in a couple days, after i get my email fixed up.

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