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November 16, 2016


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Very well said!

You should get your sound card fixed. That video you watched is one for the ages: Paul Joseph Watson did an excellent job compiling the snowflakes while they were melting, and it's wonderful. I've seen it multiple times just for the enjoyment it gives me!


The only problem with the Crybullies' temper tantrum is that, unlike my 3 children, they didn't get their asses beat for it. There is a direct correlation between behavior and ass-whippings. I have proof.

john jay

esky: too cheap. too many other projects take priority.

twolaneflash: laughing. a swat on the butt does wonders for keeping a person calibrated to reality. these kids are about 1/2 bubble off plumb, on most things.



I think the author nailed it. Fits all the observables. They're a collection of collectivists who are collectively losing their shit. Their assured futures - where they had the security of fitting in the giant Socialist Machine like the cogs they are - have been shattered by the Trump election. Personal Responsibility, Success and Failure, Capitalism, they have all been re-asserted with a cataclysmic thunderclap. You can feel it in the air all around us. In one night their universe has collapsed and re-erupted in a form they are not fit to survive or thrive within.
They're going to break a lot of shit while they work through the seven stages of grief. Might even kill some people. They're certainly going to try and kill Trump. To their mal-educated enfeebled minds, he's the certain linchpin. But to the rest of us, it doesn't matter. We are already set free.

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