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November 03, 2016


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Paul Albers

Tuesday will tell the tale. One wonders if Trump wins whether Lynch and her minions will light fires and destroy the evidence of collusion? Then scurry away unpunished.

john jay


one wonders about scurrying.--

remember sandy berger stealing stuff out of the national archives to protect the clintons?

well, guess what?

an obama whitehouse hard drive has been stolen out of the natinal archives, just recently. now, not just anybody can access this stuff at the national archives. some of it is "secret," in other words classified. accessible only to people w/ the right clearances.

my milton freewater library card won't cut it. laughing.

history repeats itself, especially with the cheating/lying/stealing clintons.


p.s. so, yeah, ... , they are scurrying away right now.

yud tink someone would tumble to this, doncha.

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