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October 04, 2016


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Paul Albers

All the Thumbnails are damning.

john jay


yes, a certain number of people are gathering information, and understand just how ill she is.

oddly enough, i have had some pretty interesting "visitors" w/ regard to these posts on hilary, and they are russians. more specifically, they are russians from a chat room. more than that, i don't know.

this is not terribly surprising. some think putin is doing certain military actions in syria before the american elections are done, i would suppose before they might have to deal w/ someone else than obama.

but, i don't know what effect all of this has on clinton supporters. i have friends who are relatively intelligent about some matters, not so much on others, whose support for hillary has not waned at all. and, this after full knowledge, (assuming things get processed and absorbed), of her health issues.

i believe that would vote for her if she died two days before the election.

zealots. in search of a zeal.


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