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July 29, 2016


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Paul Albers

An in depth analysis.

john jay



i am amazed over how little traction the email business appears to have.

break the law!! we don't give a shit!!

seems to be the prevalent reaction to this story. quite worrisome, what it says about our electorate.


john jay

p.s. the mariners beat the cubs today, 4-1. go mariners.

but, the reason i note this. in the comments to the box score, there were 545 submissions, mostly about cub's manager john maddon's "mistakes."

if only hilary could be caught cheating in a baseball game. that would be it for here. but, steal millions, sell uranium to the russians, play fast and loss w/ classified documents .... .

who gives a shit.


Well said!

I don't expect the MSM to suddenly become aware of it, though- they're trained monkeys, they only go for the bananas that have been pre-approved.

Besides, they're the ones doing the cover-up.

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