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March 08, 2016


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There will be absolutely no justice administered by the system itself. It and it's employees are above the law.
To believe otherwise is frivolous.

john jay


there is some solace to be taken in all of this.--

the people who shot and killed finicum were supposed to have been experts. my guess, the oregon state patrol was represented by a "swat team," supposedly well trained in arms and using them.

dead eyes, as it were.

likewise, the f.i.b. agents involved were not stationed in southeast & central oregon. trust me on that.

quite likely, they were "swat" types as well. steely eyed & stalwart, and crack shots.

what utter bullshit. they couldn't hit their butts with both hands with firearms, and they had absolutely no restraint in the manner in which they used them.

so far, the "official bullet count" in in the neighborhood of 8 or 9 shots, and the shot that killed finicum was quite likely administered while he lay on the ground. hard for a bullet to get to his heart from where his entrance wounds were, without taking a right hand turn somewhere.

the solace?

these guys are such shitty shots, without a sniper doing the killing for them, that if any of us every have to shoot it out with the cops, we are gonna have a theoretical chance of taking some of them with us before we are killed.

it seems only fair.

john jay

p.s. keep in mind, finicum never displayed a gun, never fired back, in spite of being shot at 8 or 9 times before he was executed.

he is, indeed, martyred. plain and simple.

john jay


i correspond regularly with three or four lawyers, all of whom have been prosecutors and/or criminal defense lawyers.

none of them have taken any exception to my observations in this post, especially as pertains to my legal opinions. if they did disagree, they would have mentioned it, trust me.

i believe that this is worth mentioning.

john jay

p.s. if you have friends who are lawyers, forward this post, and invite comment, especially criticism or disagreement w/ my observations. please.

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