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February 03, 2016


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"crickets in the meadow. and, that's a fac', jack."

...and there you have it.

john jay


i cannot open my typepad account.

so, i'll leave a message here. the "barbara davis" email appears to be "disinformation," in other words, a fabrication.

from whom, by whom, who knows? someone wanting to incite violence, the fbi wanting to discredit those who criticize it. the motives are murky, and no one knows who did it.

i am gonna leave my post up, except for this correction. otherwise, my views on the shooting remain basically the same.

and, i will note.-- all the fbi has to do to relieve this controversy, and to reveal the most pertinent facts about the shooting, is to reveal a summary of the autopsy findings on lavoy finicum's body.

i suspect it will show multiple bullet wounds, if not a wound to the face and/or head. and, yes, i think finicum was targeted by the fbi.

john jay

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