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December 20, 2015


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Ya, their afraid of what we will do to them for what they are doing to us.

They call AR15 rifles assault weapons like they call the Tea Party domestic terrorists.
They named the AR15 an "assault weapon because they are afraid it will be used to assault them.
Rightfully so.
That is the cultural marxist's signaling, or in their vernacular of agitprop, talking truth to power. Remember, they said it, elections have consequences.
Oh boy do they.

It's sublimely delicious irony.
Mao said it.
Its all about guns. It all boils down to guns.
It is, because as Andrew Breitbart said it, "we have guns".

Check this video clip out of Andrew, its awesome. only a couple of minutes. I think because Andrew was a warrior and he had the courage to say this, that he was a leader and fearless, he was murdered before he became an existential threat, because he was. It is one of the reasons why the fuckers killed him.


Well, we'll see.
I would say, and I bet I'm right; Joe Six-pack isn't hungry enough, neither are his kids.
So, the real question is just what does the .gov know that we don't about 'ol Joe's condition that would make them think now is the time to ramp up the gun "control" rhetoric?

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