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December 19, 2015


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this happens ALL.THE.TIME. i could fill pages with links to stories of whites being raped, tortured and murdered in the most horrific manner possible by black thugs. apparently the narrative these days is that we're the slavemasters, we're the oppressors, we're the evil ones that have kept our bootheels on the throats of the downtrodden minorities for so long that when something like this happens, of course it isn't newsworthy. we had it coming.



send every link.   every one.   if verified/verifiable, i will publish them, and you will be properly attributed.

john jay


Read about it last week. These truly are sons of obama. Third world shitholer's.
This is the intended consequences of fundamental transformational elections.
I sure am grateful I live in a country where I am able to be armed and am in good company of Christian fellow men of virtue and conviction.
This is just the beginning of what is coming.
I believe good will prevail, triumph over this evil.

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