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December 31, 2015


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Nice research. Can we "steal" it? or should I site it or link or what?

And your conclusion is correct, it's about control not guns



you may treat the information as you wish, as it is a matter of public record: statistics compiled by the f.b.i., and published.

a link would be nice, as it would increase my traffic. but, these are matters that i am simply repeating, and that are available to everyone.

i should think that if you can get tables 6 & 20 before persons capable of reading and thinking, that you will have done a public service, and you will have done good.

as far as "stealing," laughing, please go ahead and do so. it's not mine, by the way, but the public's. and, get the "news" out, any way you can.

thanks for the note, and thanks for the read. much appreciated.

john jay


A "public service" it shall be.

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