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November 24, 2015


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Steve Cournoyer

I copied,pasted and gave 1000% credit to you for this on FB...it's right on the ball...keep up the good work and happy and safe holidays to you


Thats a good observation john, it begs other questions. Kind of difficult to predict what they will do, it isn't the old Soviet Russians in Syria. They definitely have vested interests, they have invested much in their campaign. It would be wrong to view them as a "Jr. Varsity, or better yet "Chickenshits".
Me, I wouldn't bet against the Russians retaliating or upping their game in some unique Russian way. They don't get fancy or do complicated. They tend to turn their back in the way only Russian's can do, or they hit back hard.
Unlike the west, Russian military thinking tends towards waging total war. [edited because of length, not on topic.]


This is pretty interesting here john. I say that because outside the echo chamber of amerikan regime state media there is all sorts of informative journalism.
This but one example yet it reveals a trend of "something is happening here".
I'm just a welder, but I can't help but see there is careful and concerted efforts to give the regime and its total fools in washington the finger. Not only that, but the feckless ideology of the red diaper musloid abetting sodomites running things down in that cesspool on the potomac are by their own idiocy are being challenged by real "truth to power" and "smart diplomacy" which deals with things like the truth and reality.
The hegemony of the feckless west just got its ass handed to it.
Putin and his crew have their act together. And the rest of the world outside the western hemisphere is being left for dust. Couldn't happen to better group of useless morally corrupt crap weasels.
The only way this trend of rejecting the west's oligarchs is going to end is if it smarten's the fuck up or they start another world war of anihilation.
Take your pick.
I don't give much hope for the first, and I hope the second is preempted by the economic collapse these fucking maniacs running things have created.

Putin’s pivot to Iran is a strategic decision


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