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September 19, 2015


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Thoroughly impressed!



As you allowed me the pleasure of fondling your plywood mistress as "she" was developed, I had no doubt that it was going to run just fine. I see that Windham Weaponry is putting together some aesthetically pleasing AR platform rifles with resin impregnated wood hand guards and stocks. I think it would be pretty interesting for someone to take a block of the resin laminated wood and CNC it into a AR lower. It would look pretty neat and should function just as well as the polymer lowers.

john jay


just back from visiting my son. nice to be home.

thanks for the confidence!! the test fire was pretty anti-climatic. no reason for it not to function just fine.

i've seen whindham's adverts. looks pretty good to me.

i think if you took the resin impregnated wood that remington, savage and all the rest including windham use, and simply cnc'ed it into a lower ar-15 receiver, it would work just fine. i'd like a small clad to carry the ends of the hammer and trigger pins, but, other than that, i think it would work perfectly. and, if the buffer tube extension was not sufficiently strong, it could be buffed up w/ some metal reinforcement.

beats the hell out of having to have an aluminum foundry & forging plant, in my humble opinion.

i agree with you on the probable virtues of both the resin impregnated wood and polymer lowers. i see no need whatsoever for the ar lower to be made from either steel or aluminum. wood and/or polymer is all that is needed, and far cheaper, and far easier to utilize.

(and though we've not mentioned it here, we both agree that all the captive pin & spring features of the ar-15 lower are pretty much worthless, and not needed. all the more reason, were they omitted, that wood and polymer would be very workable alternatives. and, much much much cheaper.)

it just is not a stressed part.


p.s. and, thanks for all your help, advise, and encouragement. it has been much appreciated.

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