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August 15, 2015


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Most Excellent! I Was wondering how this project was coming along and I see I stopped by just in time.

Anxious to hear how the range day goes.

Oh, and +1000 (as the kids say these days) for the tape dispenser bench vise. That's just plain awesome right there :-)

Paul Albers

I am sure it will garner enough hits on You Tube to win the award of the year.


Imagine the tacticool cleaning kit you could design to fit right in that conveniently hollow shoulder stock! I know, you were probably thinking about that already.

john jay

homer: i am probably the only guy in north america w/ a tape dispenser that is camo'ed.

paul: thanks. but i doubt it. laughing.

wh: yep.



That's a thing of beauty!

The only wood working I'm doing right now is totally re-working my daughters bedroom dressers and turning them into a stained purple color.


That looks great, John, looking forward to the range report.

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