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March 09, 2015


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Clueless, or as has been witnessed over and over again, complicit?

john jay

right wing:

guilty, in her own right.

i have continued to sort of follow this story, and while everyone quite rightly is concerned about clinton's clear violation of law, no one seems to be focusing upon the intelligence disaster all of this suggests.

clinton uses he private email, it goes: 1.)onto her server, and 2.)it goes to her isp or to the storage of the email provider.

there is not an intelligence agency in the world could not "crack" the "security" provided by a private email carrier, and i don't give a shit how "encrypted" it is by civilian/commercial standards. the security provided is child's play to a professional.

yet, no one, to the best of my reading knowledge has discussed this.

and, this my friends, is an intelligence and security disaster, implicating many things.

you think hillary never talked to the c.i.a. to defense intelligence agencies.

to obama and the white house.

hillary's email address alone could have served as a "way in" to such agencies.

tell me if i am mistaken, or exaggerating. and, if you do, back it up. i don't think that i am.

john jay


They (those in power) are all Alinskite adherents, whose main goal besides their own enrichment through power, is the stated destruction of America.
If, through no "fault of their own" they manage to allow access to the country's security apparatus, so much the better. In their view.
All upstanding members should therefore consider any and all actions perpetrated by those in power to be suspect of treason and dealt with accordingly.
They keep pushing.
Somebody(s) at some point in time will fire the next shot heard around the world.

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