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February 28, 2015


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I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
Not that anyone listens.

Nothing is going to change for the better until Joe Six-pack loses his full belly, said six-pack, his lazy boy recliner, and an endless stream if reality tv.

Americans by and large are now all pigs in zen. Wallowing in unrecognized opulence while awaiting the butchers block.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm heading outside to split some wood. Oh, and speaking of pigs, I butchered one up myself yesterday. My second large one of the year caught with a foot snare. I've now enough pork in my freezer to fend off a whole army of muslims.

marc in calgary

RWT, did you dip your soon to be illegal 5.56's in said pork fat?

Not doubting, just me reassuring me...


That I did not do. I don't know if you've ever worked with a large amount of fat/lard but I'm not going to take the time to smear that stuff all over the place. Especially when once things get hot it will be dripping all over the place and collecting in unreachable recesses. Trust me, I was covered in it by the time I was done, and things weren't warm enough to melt the fat.

I did however, make 50lbs plus of sausage. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Not to mention some backstrap, bone in chops, and ribs.

I will also be adding the skull, once the critters pick it clean in several months, to my pasture fence row on a t-post along with many of it's brethren. I'm not altogether sure it keeps the muslims away. I've never caught any in the fence-row, but the neighbors don't bother me much anymore.


Clowns, have that right Mr. Jay. Pain in my arse clowns.
I agree with you and find much merit in what you contend about the totalitarian enablers who constitute a vast swath of our country.
There is a symmetry between these surrender monkeys and lickspittles, the status quo political landscape, the payroll patriot class, aka the Nomenklaturer, the badged armed legbreakers, legacy media and those of the monied class who work in concert with those of their corruptoclass within the regimes once called our republic.
That still leaves quite a few people who are not members of this club of fools.
Take a gander at this list. http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-72-types-of-americans-that-are.html?m
is pretty comprehensive. Speaks volumes about where we are at.
Thinking about it there are a lot of people who comprise this list of "undesirables", which I proudly am a member.
Somebody once said something about how to control people, you make the majority afraid, then you provide them the illusion of comfort from their fears, and go after the remaining populace who are not afraid.
Looking back through history it seems to be an effective strategy, in most cases. I think too there is another aspect which bears consideration where a plurality of people are armed. In that light disarming "undesirables" is looking like a definite prime directive. It is probably near impossible to attain the level of slavery and total subjugation of America those who wish to institute with millions upon millions of armed intolerant "undesirables" running around with a score to settle.
Interesting, and telling in itself is the almost total absence of narrative regarding the truth of how widespread and extensive is the acquisition of arms and materiel by this subset of American culture. Especially in light of the astounding quantities of rifles and ammo acquired over the last 10 years. I'm saying these weapons, ammo, gear, and training, aren't being acquired because those doing the acquiring feel safe and trust their government and in particular many of their fellow Americans.

john jay

rt wing, mountain top, marc in calgary:

nice relaxing last couple days.--

loaded about 100 rounds of .308 win, and another 100 round of "jj's brit," and i've got brit cases in the rock tumbler just cleaning away.

for some reason i find being armed to the teeth comforting in this day and age. don't know why? laughing.

thanks for coming by for the read, and thanks for the supportive comments.


p.s. 72 types of americans? i count three. sheeples, sheep dogs, and wolves. it's simpler that way.

(yes, i know, "beware the reductionist." laughing. but, metaphorically speaking, i am pretty close, i think.)


Well thanks for the smorgasbord of intellectual vittles Mr Jay.

Funny you mention your jj brit round, was wondering how it is getting along.

There is a fellow in NH has a blog named Weapons Man:


Great wordsmith, like yourself, writes some wonderful essays about weapons and associated technology, in some ways he kind of brings a philosophical and artful flavor to his pieces. Has some rational and informative pieces on the AR platform, its history, performance and such, mostly from a military perspective. WM is former special forces weapons man.
I'd bet dollars to donuts he would be interested in your wildcat and how you developed it. Especially as you designed a true homegrown cartridge to work in your modified AR. I think he would admire what you accomplished, as along with his writing, he too is into self built weapons.


Yes when you get down to it you can reduce I to the absolute essentials, you lose or you win. It is tyranny or liberty.
I like winning.

My wife says I think in black and white. I think it comes down to virtues and the principles born of them. I ask her, are you with me? Yes she says. I say that is all you really need to know. And that is the thing right there. We all have to find a way to stick together, or there is no liberty, no winning for us who want to determine our lives, be left alone to our lives, prosperity and property.
I know it all really begins with each of us. That is the cold stone truth there. Yet the leviathan is a beast, it permeates every facet of our lives, you got to have some kind of plurality to tip it over. That is all it really takes. The beast is so corrupt, so illegitimate in the sphere of our activities, so rotten at its core and so top heavy, as far as its political agenda is concerned, it can't survive, it certainly can't tolerate any form of legitimacy which brooks its monopoly of power and violence. Here is the crux of my contention, this beast, this regime, what to me is the largest organized crime syndicate run by psychopaths and staffed with sycophants conceived, in bed with every monied unscrupulous interest imaginable, it now exists to survive its own illegitimacy, and everyone is an enemy outside its influence domestically. Of course, and with out doubt, the totalitarian herd as you contend make it possible, and it could not happen any other way. I suspect the only existential threat this beast fears, and I'm talking about all threats possible in the entire world, the only threat to their power those running things have reason to fear, is a relatively tiny plurality of people who refuse to comply, who defy the sonsofabitches. To me that kind of plurality is so legitimate, its mere existence is legitimacy in itself. There is a simple yet profound caveat to this plurality, as Andrew Brietbart said: "We have guns". He also said something exceptionally sublime, "culture is upstream of politics". Rightfully so.
I like to think liberty is upstream of tyranny.

You can scale down that list of of characters, but one thing which you can't afford to discount is no matter how many domestic enemies are left, they all have three things in common, potentially a plurality, they are not afraid, and guns.

And all this is coming down to guns. Reduce everything down to its essence, and it is guns that matter. It is a serious pickle for all involved. It is the greatest Mexican standoff in human history.


Reductionist, recidivist, retrograde, to a certain extent Luddite.
I'm all of those, and in today's society I'm seen as a reprobate. It simplifies my life, albeit conversely causing more work. But hey, it keeps me in shape, with a clear mind in this addled, obfuscated world.
Like MTP, I see very little grey areas. Black and White, clearly defined; good and evil, right and wrong, liberty and tyranny.

I'm waiting for videos of the plywood AR. Also, I too appreciate your word smithery. Not to mention being heavily armed is comforting.


rwt, how about secessionists, abolitionist? The more well armed and trained in small unit infantry tactics the better too. Nothing like having the skills to use those arms. And nothing at all like those who wish to deny us our means of defense against their dirty rotten plans, knowing a man means business when he gets that essential combat training.


MTP, yes, secessionist, abolitionist, individualist, deconstructionist, segregationist, revolutionist.

Of course, not all as defined by progressives, who somehow have managed to temporarily come ahead in the war of ideological interpretation of words. Mostly through the eradication of critical thought, implemented by communal consensus forming, and following through denigration of anyone who dares to think otherwise.

john jay

thanks, all, for you well grounded comments.

i used to read a lot, and i mean, a lot, of isaac asimov. he said something in his stories which i think is historically accurate, as to the nature of the longevity of regimes.--

"nothing succeeds like success, and nothing fails like success."

something along that line.

regimes that get top heavy, bureaucratic, monolithic, ... , well, they look very sturdy. right up until the time they fall over flat on their noses.

remember the collapse of the soviet union? strong one day, dissolving and bankrupt the next. no warning, no gradual fading away, just ppphhhhhhpppttttt!!!, and it was gone.

same with our now corrupt nation, for the same reasons, and ultimately, for the same way.

obama, to the extent he reads at all, should read a little of nicolai ceausescu. he could be reading of his own end.

again, rw, mttop, thanks for your contributions.



Aah, nicolai ceausescu, I keep a photo of his wife and him of the fatal moment of their execution.
It is a gruesome reminder of the comeuppance richly deserved of all who orchestrate tyranny upon others.
You ever read the accounts of those who executed the Ceausescu's?
They where men who had quite enough, and would not be denied. The dynamics of how it came to be are sublime.
What struck me most was though it was violent, and ultimate, it is the story of how legitimate the primal freedom each of us possess, its discovery on a most intimate level and once the choice to relieve themselves of the terror and slavery imposed upon them, they became so free there are no words which convey.
It was a gestalt of liberty. Pent up and repressed through generations.
I think many people in America have a inherent sense of this. They are humble and reserved, possess a quality of tolerance which speaks volumes of their character and innate virtues.
But a time is quickly approaching where that tolerance can not be tolerated any longer. Can you all sense it, it is in the air, that I had just about enough of this bullshit kind?
Once unleashed, it is a fearsome thing, nothing can put it back till some inner sense of wrongs righted is attained, something which has no mercy, nor gives any quarter nor accepts it, where there is no compromising with their antagonists?
It is almost palpable.
There is a concept called cascade preference. If I grok the implications of this theory, it is the crux of a plurality. Entirely grassroots in nature. Something which can not be and more importantly will not be denied.
And like the sudden fall of leviathans, it too seemingly forms out of an ether. Black Swans maybe? At least for those who are blinded by their hubris. The before the fall kind.
Call me provincial, but I am a die hard believer in something larger and better, that the destiny of this grew experiment is better and happier than the fucking scum who are are trying to enrich and empower themselves on the backs of good people of this republic. It didn't have to be this way, there was more than enough for everyone, and if it is to be left to its own determination, activity, and devices, there would be so much prosperity and happiness it would be unconquerable. I think that I entails indomitable spirit, where nothing good and better is impossible.
Maybe it all has to happen this way before something even better happens, maybe it is our kismet and kharma, a yes of what the best of us is made of. If so, that makes the prize all the sweeter.
I know one thing, the fat lady ain't singing, not on my watch if I have anything to do with it. Like to think I'm not alone on that score.
And that is a mighty fine idea right there.


Anybody ever read Eric Frank Russell's masterpiece, And The There Where None? Mr Jay, if you like Asimov, you would probably like this:

It is a scifi fable about an entire civilization which lives in a cultural kind of anarchy in the classic sense. And the illegitimate nature of the state and its power, how that power means nothing to people who live in true liberty and self determination. Short and fun read. I read it as a kid, it was great then, it gets better with age.


Yes, I remember very well the collapse of the Soviet Union. I was there shortly thereafter. '92-'93 at the Leningrad Polytechnic University, which just so happened to change it's name to the University of St. Petersburg while I was there.

MTP, I was going to say palpable but you beat me to the punch. Foiled again.

marc in calgary

The Soviet and East Germany collapse... one day it was still, "we will bury you" and the next day the armed soldiers took a step back and watched thousands just walk in front of them.

It's a day I never thought would arrive too soon, perhaps never at all.

... have no idea if anyone in the current Administration remembers Ceausescu and his Christmas Day trial / sentencing... *maybe they see this as an unnecessary gun violence event.



I was living in Germany that winter of '89-90 when the Romanians had Ceausescu and his wife lined up and do the chicken dance. Watched it on European TV. They showed it back then.
I was an avid nightly news watcher back then as I figured it really helped with my language skills. I distinctly remember when the ticker ran across the bottom of the screen saying the Wall had fallen. I watched it several times just to make sure I was correct and went and told the family I was living with what was going on. They said I wasn't funny and shouldn't make jokes like that. Took me a bit but I eventually convinced them to take a look. Man, did we get tuned up that night.

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