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February 26, 2015


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Amen Mr Jay.
Their complicity in tyranny doesn't stop there. Their terror of self determination manifests itself in a pathological fear of all who speak the truth of the totalitarian state they assist in enabling. An unholy plurality of deranged cowards who in for an inevitable rude awakening of the unintended consequences of ignoring the truth.

john jay


there are many truths, the permutations of which are most complex.

as i age, i am more and more attracted to the notion that there is one truth.

we just have to receive it.


john jay

mountain top:

along this line, i was reading a survey of "millennial" knowledge and belief this morning.

astounding results. a majority of this "jungins" believe that george bush "killed more people" than joseph stalin.

it is almost unbelievable, but that is apparently what the "survey said." the depths of the ignorance of the young have yet to be fully plumbed, but, it suggests an almost pathological ignorance of what has been, and it is not terribly reassuring about what is to come.

what are we to do, send all the under 30's back to school, starting with first grade and on through college, again?

john jay

john jay

" ... a majority of these 'jungins' believing ... "

sorry, my apologies.

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