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February 14, 2015


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john jay

dear readers (both of you):

reader "umpie" sent me this note by email. we have been friends for years. i don't know where he gets this stuff, but every now & again he comes up w/ some pretty good ideas. i think it is because he has a lot of time on his hands.

john jay


Good point!
I personally think we are due a “ Bill of Restrictions”on the various branches of government. Such as term limits for legislators and senators, legislations must cite constitutional justification and the courts could look no farther, all legislation must include plain language outlines limiting the scope of said legislation, executive action must have a lifetime of only one year, after which it would require legislation. In addition executive actions would automatically be put before the Supreme Court and the court must rule on them prior to implementation. Any attempt to in mislead the public, or any other branch or agency of government on the scope , cost or any other aspect of a law would render the act void and expose the source of said inaccuracies to perjury. Call this the “Obama Amendments” if you will.

/s/ "umpie"


p.s. these are pretty good ideas, i think. in a couple days, when i have not thought of anything to say/write, they will go into a main post.


Those ideas are all well and good, and I agree.

Can you fathom the amount of blood necessary to spelt to enact them?


Stupid fingers and no edit option.

Can you fathom the amount of blood that would necessarily be spilled to enact them?

john jay

right wing:

yes. about the same amount as if something along those lines is not enacted.

doing it the hard way would be quicker.

john jay

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