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January 20, 2015


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Steve Cournoyer

dammed straight!


I attended the University of St. Petersburg back in '92-'93. Guns were outlawed, as a matter of course, yet guns were everywhere. It was common at the time for Russian chicks to put several guns, donated by their boyfriends, into their tall "fuck me" boots in order to pass through security at clubs/bars. After finding a table and waiting for their first shots of vodka they would brazenly take the guns out and put them on the table for their boyfriends to sort through.
It was sort of like being in Detroit after dark with all of the gunshots going off, except during winter it was dark a lot more than MI in winter.
Not to sound like Mr. williams, but I personally witnessed a gunfight where 2 guys gunned down 3. Then the cops showed up and tear gassed the place, which really sucked on top of it all. I'm still amazed at how quick the cops showed up, as in a matter of seconds. I'm betting they knew about it before hand and were already paid off. Lots of that going around at the time.
I even got to shoot (target) guns in Russia. Illegally of course.

john jay

right wing:

thugs & politicians are a natural "flock." the politicians just dress better, and have fatter & smoother cheeks.

sort of like the kennedys and the irish street thugs in mass-uh-choo-sits.


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