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November 05, 2014


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Gary Donovan

Good Morning.

I sympathize with you and I LIVE in CT. There are a large number of god fearing conservatives here but the cities swamp the rural areas and the demo-o-rat machine controls the ballot process. How else could a fool like Malloy get re-elected? The man promised no taxes and then promptly screwed everyone in the state.

john jay

mr. donovan:

politicians are politicians.

it is just very unfortunate that the american left has seen fit to buy their way into power by using public funds to "pay off" the poor for their votes.

having these little northeastern states with u.s. senate seats to bargain with does the country no good. it just spreads the practice of entrenching the left by the use of public funds to buy the votes of "the uninformed."

get rid of these little entities as full blown states. make them counties in adjoining states. curb the extent of their unfair influence, and let them exist as county governments.

john jay

p.s. i live in umatilla county, in n.e. oregon. it is of a far greater geographic area all by its "lonesome," as several of these states put together.

we get along just fine, being part of oregon. well, i would like to dump the "wet side:" you wanna buy portland?

john jay

dear gentle readers:

a friend took umbrage at my desire to eliminate these little liberal strong holds in the u.s. senate, citing the fact that the north estate remains an economic power in the united states.

indeed it does. new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, etc., are huge powers.

not the states i picked out.

witness --

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_GDP .

ranking/list of gross domestic products, by state:

50. vermont $25.5 thousand millions
44. rhode island $48 thousand millions
41. new hampshire $59 thousand millions
40. delaware $60 thousand millions
[43. maine] (only so many lobsters in the world) __________________
$192 thousand millions (that totals roughly the domestic product of oregon, or alabama, but less than louisiana. combined, they are hardly an economic colossus.

23. connecticut $227.5 thousand millions
8. new jersey (o.k., i will give you new jersey. satisfied?) $483 thousand millions
13. massachusetts $365 thousand millions

let's just all lump the n.e. ones into massachusetts, leave new jersey alone, and call it a day.

my home state, oregon, ranks 26th, with a gross domestic product of $165.6 thousand millions.

no way, all these little teenie tiny little tin pot states, to include maine, deserve 10 or 12 seats in the united states senate. that is power all out of proportion to their geographic size, their population, and their wealth.

get rid of 'em.

john jay

Steve Cournoyer

I'ma native RI'er and hate the Libtards that have been ruining this state for decades....it's the urban assholes that keep voting them in...out in the woods, they're called fairgame....here's a bit of our twisted history:


It's not the states themselves.
It's the urban populace.

john jay

right wing:

i don't mind that they propagate, and congregate.

what i mind is that they have all those senators "representing" them, and they have no economic or population base to deserve it. massachusetts and new jersey probably deserve to be states, but, the rest of them .... nah, they have no resources, they have no economies, and they certainly have no great port cities, ... , such as would confer genuine geopolitical power.

get rid of em.

steve cournoyer:

i will read you link, and be back in a little bit.

john jay

john jay

p.s. right wing:

in short, they serve no purpose whatsoever, except to perpetuate left wing influence over our body politic.

without this little block of senators, the left would have the nutballs in new york state, and the nutballs in california to carry the load.

the 10 or 12 extra nutball senators these states contribute to the u.s. senate make life very difficult, for all of us.

john jay



Do away with gerrymandering and once again have true State representation in the Senate.
i.e., State legislators elect their Senators.

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