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October 27, 2014


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I don't know.
Docs are known to do very poor jobs of self-treating (when its life-threatening), and so are not supposed to attempt to do so. I know a doc who discovered one night (he'd decided to look at his own blood) that he had advanced leukemia! He managed to immediately "forget" it for many weeks until he came down with hepatitis, the early stage of which looks remarkably like advanced leukemeia under the microscope.

This story made me recall that. Nonetheless, the threat to others of a terribly infections disease must trump any such idiot mental distortions.


A keen observation John Jay.

The view from another step back, or two, revels the squalor an pestilence that they find, and that they then leave behind.

These "medical mission" organizations are UN NGOs. Doing the bidding of the UN leaves the richer richer - the poor poorer and sicker.

NGOs are the advance scouts to plant globalist seeds of discontent.

Another UN NGO, Doctors Without Borders, has even been known to call in artillery strikes.


ps: this term... "Non Governmental Organization" is quite disturbing in itself.

john jay


ngo's are sorta the peacenik version of military mercenaries. or, more appropriately, like "black ops."

somebody is paying for them. and, there is an agenda, just as you say.

i would guess that more ngo's exist in the west bank and the gaza strip than anywhere else on earth, and they all drive ambulances to move hamas troops around. i read somewhere what percentage of the gazan population is employed by the united nations, and it is astounding.


p.s. i have often argued that the terror war on the west is funded and directed by the u.n., and the leftists in the euro union. you'd have to argue 'til you were blue in the face to convince me otherwise.

ngo's. period.

john jay


cure thyself. laughing.

but, never heard it said, infect everyone else, so they can be as thyself.

a novel approach.

john jay

p.s. thanks for the read, and the comment.

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