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August 17, 2014


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Damn straight.

But the lecturing and hectoring is all those Euros can find to assuage their angst, their angst of feeling unworthy. They get to "finger-wag" at Israel like some parent who just wants to teach a bad child how to be good. It feels very satisfying, evidently. At least until another moment elapses and they feel the angst bite again.

I sometimes wish I could give them some sort of insight to dissolve the angst's source. But I think it's part of their state of mind, as were the wars, and the colonial barbarism, too. They are so conflicted about who they are, I think the preposterous blindness to their coming immigration results also is part of the hangover from colonialism's unethicalness. As is the Israel fixation, which is a matter of projecting all warranted self-criticism onto an external stand-in (a stand-in for White, European, and Christian - consider and laugh).

But again to what you said, damn straight!

john jay


pretty much in agreement.

guilt, they cannot bring themselves to admit. because, every time they look at the issue objectively, they are the pinnacle of human achievement.

doncha know.

and, thanks for the kudos.

john jay


Now that is a worthy rant.
Bravo Mr Jay, bravo.

john jay


thanks. much appreciated.

still working on a stubborn no. 4 piston, trying to convince it that it really isn't seized.

i've tried everything expect for bat urine, will try some c4 explosives next, to see if i can put the damned piston into orbit.

i've been alternating coca cola and various penetrating oils, w/ turpentine. it feels like the piston ought to let loose, but, so far, ... , nope.


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