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August 09, 2014


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Did ya use the jj?
Minute of angle at 600 wow!
That's some righteous shooting. And to accomplish it with a rifle you built with a round you worked up.
That is an amazing feat.

john jay


nope, the $309.94 wby. vanguard in .308 winchester.

the little brit would do that, i am pretty sure. but, at distance, a 168 grain .308 bullet just carries more energy than a 130 grain .284 bullet.

longer ranges, you gotta deliver the mail.

and, i don't have the optics on the jj's brit to go out much past 350 to 400 yards, with any degree of repeatability.

the brit is, after all, an intermediate infantry round, and not a battle rifle round.



Pretty amazing all things considered. You can buy an off the shelf rifle and reach out like that. For 309 bucks and a quality scope and good ammo loading practice. That is minute of man accuracy.
I shot a NM M14 with iron sights at 600 meters, it required a few rounds just to figure how to use Kentucky windage. 600 meters is one loooong shot. Looking through your scope it must have been daunting at 880 meters. The cross hairs alone overwhelm your target?
Bet that made your day.
1000 meters is like another realm to me.

I was under the impression the ballistics for 6.8mm rounds give them an edge at 800 yards over 30 cal?

john jay


wby vanguard -- $309.99

super sniper 10x42 scope -- $299.00

boyd's laminated stock -- $99.00 (the plastic stock shot o.k., i just wanted more weight, when you get down to it.)

total investment, paid for by trade-ins on various things laying around not being used.

as to ballistics. my "jj's brit," written about in these pages, is a .284" caliber weapon, built on a shortened 7mm08 remington case, to approximate the .284" british developed by england in the early 1950's. i load a 130 grain bullet to about 2550 fps at the muzzle.

it would approximate .308 winchester target rounds.

the 6.8mm remington spc shoots a 115 grain bullet to around 2600 fps, and it is .277 caliber. it is a good round, but, it is an "intermediate infantry round," and starts to run out of steam much beyond 400 yards. it will go 1,000 yards, but, it is going to take a while, and the energy in the bullet is going to be a whole lot less when it gets there, then when it left the muzzle.

in short, it doesn't have the reach of a .308 winchester, and never will.

and, yes, i was pretty encouraged by the experience, even though i didn't hit the target but once out of 14 shots. now, it is just a matter of refining technique, and careful loading.

i will become proficient, it is just going to take time and practice.



Hats off to you Mr. Jay. One feature I like about the 7.62/308 is it simply a common round hopefully easier to obtain in the event of less than desirable social events. Picked up a Ruger scout rifle. The box magazine feature was attractive, along with the short threaded barrel and iron peep sights. Put a Leatherwood on it. Its a far better rifle than Im a shooter. Its a handy compact rig. More of a bush rifle for me as I live in the Appalachian mountains where a 300 yard shot or longer is rare, the forests are very dense, and flat ground is like hens teeth.
Came across this interesting link just this morning, WRSA post some good stuff, thought of you.

john jay

mountain top:

yes, it is a good round, and the ruger rifle an excellent rifle.

my own efforts at long range shooting are with a fixed ten power scope (a 10x42 super sniper), as it is quite handy at shorter ranges, as well.

i like it because it is an exacting discipline. that is not to ignore the fact that most engagements will be at shorter distances. but, discipline at long range is also discipline at short range, ... , and, that cannot be bad.


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