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August 11, 2014


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john jay


just because barack obama looks the idiot, do not dismiss the threat he poses.

make no mistake about it, he is a tyrant, and is to be opposed as a tyrant.

john jay


Amen. Every word you wrote Mr. Jay reflects my own principles of my Liberty, principles and life.
I appreciate you for saying these things. Well said, very well said.
I can only wish that in such an event for such and ally and brother by my side in the just resistance to tyranny and tyrants.

john jay

mountain top:

praise the lord, and pass the ammunition.

just above the belly button is always a good place to aim.

john jay

marc in calgary

2 outstanding posts in a row j.j. ...

Thank you for your words here, and a safe & secure 2016 for you and others here.


You may find this interesting.
If for no other reason than that it criminalizes showing how you made the "plywood" lower.



whats not criminalized these days, besides deviant sexual behavior bestiality?


True enough.
I'm sure I'm paraphrasing here, but didn't Ayn Rand say:

If you run out of criminals you just change the laws to make more.

Paul Albers

Well said, sir. Well said.

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