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July 21, 2014


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marc in calgary

Super cost effective, I thought I was the only one advocating this.. It'll naturally fill all corridors.



Nice use of an FAE, John!

Typically, they add an odorant to Propane and NG so that people can smell a gas leak. Otherwise, there is no way of detecting flammable gases. Hence why early miners used small birds as gas detectors, as the canary would perish before the miners were overcome by fumes.

True Natural Gas, in my opinion, would be more beneficial than the commercially available type. The two main benefits would be :
1- It would be better to blow the bastards up while they were still under-ground, unaware of their coming reckoning. You also don't have to worry about them coming back some other day.
2 - It would give them a head start on their way to hell, as they would be that much closer.

Whitehall, NY

john jay


good points. i always sorta liked the 101st airborne t-shirt w/ the motto, "kill 'em all, and let god sort them out."

anyone in a tunnel is a combatant. in my view.


john jay


i don't know why they don't do it.

the classic "propane truck" and a pump. harden the tank on the truck, of course.

"fill 'er up."


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