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May 15, 2014


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Have a good and productive summer, John, looking forward to later when you choose to rant at us again. ;) And I hope to meet you one of these months, I'll work on that.

The jeep looks like a good challenge, the shop should be an easy cleanup.

Stay safe.

In Liberty,




Those of us that give a damn will still be around. I came for the "Brit", and stayed for the wit.
Looks like a lot of neat stuff in that shop. "One man's trash...", ya, know.
Have a good summer.

Whitehall, NY

john jay





Did someone say titties!?

john jay


yes, i said "titties."

who knows where it will all lead?



John, have a relaxing summer. It's always good for the heart and soul to step away from the infoweb. It's tangling and caused one to gnash one's teeth.
I'll be waiting for videos of the "plywood" creation.

john jay

right wing & leigh:

presently arranging for the delivery of a friend's table top lathe.

he's had it for a while, not been assembled for some years now. doesn't look like it is going together soon.

so, he is loaning it to me, to learn how to use, and to keep him informed as i am going about it.

i've got a friend in town who got a grizzly lathe/mill "indirectly" from the landlord of a guy who went to prison for making and selling "suppressors." (or, "solvent traps," as they are called.)

the landlord seized it for unpaid rent. not very kind of him, really. my friend bought it for "real cheap," as we say out here.

he's got literally dozens of bits and such, and i'll learn from him what i can, and figure out the rest of it myself.

god bless utube.


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