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May 27, 2014


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Yup, the greatest little v8 that hardly ever was. Sure would have made a nice option in a Corvair ... and a perfect match a few years later in the Vega.

How many billion 250 cu in Slant Sixes did Mopar sell? How many zillion 250 cu in straight sixes did GM move? And all of them ran like ragged rocks in a blender.

Pity Detroit couldn't pull it's head out of it's ass for 40 solid years. They stuck with pushrod iron blocks forever. Imagine this 215 block, stroked to about 250 cu in, with a medium cam, roller lifters, moderate compression, good fuel injection, and that low pressure turbo from the 1962 Buick. It would make 300hp, run glass smooth, and probably get 30mpg.

But no. Master a new technology? Hell no. Just slap in another bigger, heavier chunk of iron until the front springs collapse. And then wonder why Japan nearly puts you out of business, and not an iron block engine made on that entire damn island nation.

john jay


I got nothing against iron.

in my backyard sits a 1948 willy's flathead, born the same year as me, and the same age. the little bastard is 66 years old. like me.

it will likely live longer than me, when i done with it. laughing.

iron has its uses. and, long life, toughness and durability rank among its attributes.

maybe never a finer vehicle built than the willy's cj2a. nor, a finer motor than the little flathead 4, l-132 motor.

for some purposes. like toodling over rough terrain.

not for passenger cars, however, witness the fate of the kaiser henry j. (and, oddly enough, of kaiser, henry j. laughing.)

i agree w/ you about the little buick. what if buick had built the corvette, and with the little v8, made it about a 3/4's scale corvette.

oh, what a little screamer that would have been. hell, if they'd built it w/ the 3.8 liter v6, it would have "motated" pretty damn good.

i once road in a 3.8 liter turbo'ed buick. it got down the road, "toot sweet," as we say out here in n.e. Oregon

oh, well, such things never were. milk not spilt. mores the pity.


p.s. i now have a 1996 range rover, given to me. the motor has a bad head gasket. laughing.

if it is capable of being rebuilt, it may find a home in my cj2a. as all my projects, it requires time and distance, and it may be 2 or 3 years before i can afford it.

but, it is safely ensconced in the "back of my mind."

we'll see.

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