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May 07, 2014


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Friend Fuchs

We have always known that rose as "Joseph's Coat". Amazing that it blooming now, ours, also untended will not bloom until the first part of June.


john jay

friend fuchs:

it is really an incredible plant. about half of it is dead, but, when it comes on, it leafs out and buds and blooms in an incredibly short time.

and, then, it just does its dead imitation the rest of the year.

the neighbor lady has scratches on her arms from trying to mow around it. i just stay away.

in the interests of fairness, i said to her, why don't you trim it back on your side, make it so you can mow?

she said, i would, but, if i do, my sister will kill me. she loves it, thinks it beautiful.

it is to laugh, it is to smile.

it is gorgeous, in its own simple little way.

and, t.l., thanks for the name. "joseph's coat." it is appropriate.


john jay

p.s. and, in the last several days, the yellow blooms have just opened up in full splendor.

just an incredibly vibrant yellow.

oddly enough, i don't see many bees working it this year, ... , usually, they are thick around it.


Friend Fuchs

One of our two "Joseph's Coat" roses covers an area approximately 20sq.ft. The yellow blossoms appear to form on the same branches year after years, an absolutely brilliant display of color amidst a cloud of orange.

Growing next to a black walnut and with little attention this is one of the few roses we have found hardy enough for our area.

john jay

yes, they are tough little bastards, for sure.

we had a lot of cold this winter, and some real hard cold snaps. very very cold, for three and four days at a time.

the little joys just weather it, shrug it off, and come back for more.

great hardy little things, and, as you note, very beautiful.

you gotta admire them for how tough they are.


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