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April 05, 2014


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john jay


h-870 and h-50bmb, sold over the counter for large rifles with large capacities in relation to the bore capacity, are very similar to powders used in 16 guns, and the like.

i am given to understand that they are used in ship's guns in the same formulations as canister grade powders, and powders used by ammo manufacturers in shoulder rifle ammunition.

maybe we should build a 16" gun to defend milton freewater. hinto: it would take a pretty good sized lathe.

john jay

john jay

p.s. and, if it works out with the feeding, i may just neck up the 6.8mm remington spc to .375", and go with whatever happens there as the cartridge length.

i am tired of case forming, and case trimming. laughing.

if it will go in the gun, i'll go w/ the full length of the 6.8mm remington spc.

may as well be hung for a wolf, as hung for a sheep.

john jay

jon Stephens

I loathe the equalization of a normal .45. It's decent and light to convey, however the terminating chamber appears to be reeling to me. At whatever point

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