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April 01, 2014


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marc in calgary

The southern Indian Ocean is roughly the size of the USA, and they're searching for parts belonging to 1 jet.
If it was somewhere in this region, I wouldn't be surprised if it took a year, and more luck than I'm accustomed to.

I'd be less surprised if it turned up having followed the northern route.

... those 2 stolen passports, the phone call to the pilot just prior to the flight made from a cel phone with a SIM card bought with stolen id. It seems like a few others had a hand in this plot, not just a jilted pilot.

My hope is that it doesn't end up in Jerusalem, via fucking Pakistan.

john jay


we know where every errant orange net buoy in the indian ocean is.

we have not been put into a legitimate "debris field" since this search started, and the satellites seem incapable of giving gps locations to thing "found." very curious.

who are the iranians?

why were 20 chinese and malaysian weapons researcher on this flight?

why is this search such a "keystone cops" operation, with a search taken on in an area that no one expects to find the remains of an airplane?

this whole thing is riddled with "coincidence," at such a level that at some point it is mathematically unlikely to be coincidental?


the whole thing, to this point, has been handled like a media diversion, to keep the public from focusing on very real issues.

john jay

marc in calgary

So far in this story, media diversion and an islamic connection are all that make sense to me. Hence, the northern route.

... tick tock

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